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University Assignments, Writ 3149

Major Assignment 2

Preview This assignment was meant so the students could examine writing without our field/career choice. We were told to give an analysis of workplace writing, examine a piece of professional writing, then we could choose one of two things. The first choice was to give an example of workplace writing and analyze. The second choice… Continue reading Major Assignment 2


Rhetorical Precis of Scholarly Article

Preview We were given several different articles to create a precise of. precise is a summary of the text that demonstrates close reading. A precise is supposed to be short, which is why my assignment is so short. Completed Assignment George F. Hayhoe’s article, “Seeing Clearly” (2005), asserts that the government failed at their duty… Continue reading Rhetorical Precis of Scholarly Article

University Assignments, Writ 3149

Correspondence Project

Preview For this assignment, we were asked to write several different piece of business correspondence. We were asked to include four piece. The first piece was a revision of a "bad" email that we were given to choose from. The second piece was a special request or inquiry letter. The first piece was a complaint… Continue reading Correspondence Project

University Assignments, Writ 3149

“Say No To Joe”

Preview This assignment consisted of the students writing an email to a fictional person that applied for a job but didn't get the job. The prompt that my professor gave the class can be shown below. "You were the hiring manager for a new position that opened up at your organization. After sifting through nearly… Continue reading “Say No To Joe”

University Assignments, Writ 3149

Writing Emails

Preview Despite the fact that this assignment was called "Writing Emails", it does not mean that I wrote an email. Rather, we looked at given articles that discussed how to write professional emails. The assignment, per the professor's words: "You should choose at least two assigned texts (for example, an article and a section of… Continue reading Writing Emails

University Assignments, Writ 3120

Short Story First Draft

Preview This is what the entire semester long course came down to: writing an original short story. The story was only allowed to be 10-14 pages long, which posed as a problem for me because I wanted to go over. There are a lot of misspelling and incorrect formatting in this draft, but I wanted… Continue reading Short Story First Draft

University Assignments, Writ 3120


Preview For this assignment, we were given a blank template that we had to fill out. Below, you will find the blank version and my completed version. Blank Assignment Fill in the blanks for this plot template.  ___________(character's name) wanted ____________, but this was impossible because _______________ and ______________.  Consequently, __________. Challenge:  how specific can… Continue reading Plot